NHS shared infrastructure – Password management and access to Pulse Health App is managed through the NHSmail portal ( Nobody can access Pulse Health App outside of their NHSmail credentials

Full user verification – Our NHSmail integration fully verifies user’s identity. To obtain an NHSmail account a user is required to have full security check including an ID check. This is controlled by the NHSmail administrators for each organisation.

Data Protection & GDPR – Full encryption using the latest data and cyber security standards and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. Pulse Health App uses AES 256-bit standard and TLS/SSL for data encryption for data in rest and in transit

Data storage in the UK – Our secure ISO 27001 servers are located in London. Be safe in the knowledge that no data is stored on a users’ device or cloud and that your data is kept safe and secure

Additional security layers – Pulse Health App uses an additional pin code on top of your NHSmail credentials. You are required to update this every time you log out of your Pulse NHSmail account. A pin code is required 15 mins after last activity to provide an extra layer of security

Secure image/video sharing – Images, videos, and all Pulse Health activity does not synch into the users’ device or cloud ensuring security and confidentiality

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