Key Features

Pulse Health App is a rapidly-developing platform with new features, improvements and enhancements being added on a regular basis. New challenges evolve as we progress. We work closely with our end users and organisations to continually adapt to new challenges and constantly deliver value to the health and social care sector.

End-to-End Encryption

  1. Fully end to end encrypted messages
  2. AES256 encryption in data and at rest
  3. Safe for transfer of Patient Identifiable Data (PID)
  4. Safe for private discussion and group discussion

Full NHS Directory

  1. Full NHS Directory containing nearly 2 million contacts
  2. Fully searchable and filterable
  3. Find colleagues instantly and invite them to join/sign up for Pulse Health App

NHSmail SSO & Federated Access

  1. Secure single sign-on with NHSmail
  2. Federated NHS email access for NHS.UK domains
  3. Closed platform – nobody outside of NHS and Social Care will be able to access the platform

Voice and Video Calls

  1. Secure voice and video calls directly through the application (VoIP and WebRTC)
  2. No need to display or share your number
  3. Conference calling for group calls (up to eight participants)

Secure Image / File Sharing

  1. Secure image and video file sharing
  2. Images/videos taken through the application will not sync with the device’s camera roll
  3. Secure file and document sharing

Easy-to-Use Instant Message Functionality

  1. Instantly-recognisable instant message user interface
  2. One-to-one, unlimited group chat, delivered/read status, online status, reply-to/forward functionality, star functionality, voice memos, location sharing, export chats and other useful instant message features
  3. Broadcast functionality to disseminate time-sensitive information to multiple users instantly

24/7 In-App Support

  1. Support is available through the app or via email;
  2. Request support and include attachments
  3. Request new features, improvements and enhancements

Set Status

  1. Manual status selection and automatic status selection
  2. Set your working and non-working hours, including on-calls
  3. Separate your working life and personal life
  4. Keep your work and private chats separate

A Future Roadmap of New Features

  1. Patient Lists and Task Lists coming soon
  2. EPR integration available
  3. Check back regularly for new and exciting developments. We have a very long and very comprehensive digital roadmap. Download the app and follow us on social media to stay updated
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