• GDPR Compliant, Fully encrypted to the latest data and cyber security standards

  • Integrated with NHSMail; Pulse uses your existing NHSMail credentials to log in to the system. You will not be able to access Pulse Health app using any other email account

  • Password management is done through the NHSmail portal (https://portal.nhs.net/)

  • The directory can be fully searched – users can be found instantly without searching for bleeps or having a phone number

  • Users can; message, call, video call

  • Users can create and message groups

  • Users can send; images, videos,  links

  • Images do not synch with the users’ device or cloud

  • Message previews are locked and cannot be seen within the notification centre or a locked screen

  • Send location

  • Online Presence

  • Remote wipe

  • Users can be safe in the knowledge that this is a closed communication system and nobody outside of the NHSMail platform will be able to access the app

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