About Us

Pulse Health App is a FREE instant message communication platform designed for the NHS from within the NHS; available on iOS, Android and Web (coming soon). Pulse Health App provides secure mobile communications for the NHS. Both FREE to the end-user and NHS organisation. GDPR compliant, fully encrypted to the latest data and cybersecurity standards, safe for patient identifiable data (PID) and integrated into NHSmail.


Our philosophy is simple. We believe that COMMUNICATION should be FREE and ALWAYS FREE to both the END USER and NHS. Pulse Health App gives back to the NHS and its staff and enables the NHS to be the great institution that it is.


Communication amongst healthcare professionals is moving away from the traditional email, the extension number, and the archaic bleep system. Users require instant messaging. It is inefficient to log on to a computer and find a contact, bleep them, and await a call-back. Doctors, nurses, managers, and all other employees within the healthcare sector are using mobile phones and instant messaging solutions such as Whatsapp to organise themselves.


The use of Whatsapp and other unauthorised third-party social media/instant message systems by healthcare professionals is endemic. This poses a significant risk to the individual, the organisation, the NHS, and the patient. Off-the-shelf products such as Skype or Teams are not end-to-end encrypted.


Whilst applications such as Whatsapp are end-to-end encrypted; images can integrate with the cloud, messages can be accidentally sent to personal contacts, and messages are not always anonymised to avoid data breaches. Moreover, their servers are located outside the UK and are difficult to access for any data breaches using UK laws. In Summary off the shelf products for communication are not designed for the healthcare sector and should not be used. 


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Don’t risk yours or your patient safety by using unauthorised solutions such as Whatsapp. Join Pulse Health App today and share with your colleagues. For more information email pulse.health@nhs.net

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